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Quest T-Girls Club

Quest T-Girls Club Rules

Quest T-Girls Club Rules

Normal Club Rules Apply

We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but sufficient to ensure that most people have an enjoyable time.

  • No hard drugs. We operate a no drugs policy. There are no drugs, with the exception of Viagra and Cialis that have any positive effects for boosting or helping sexual performance, most will actually have a negative effect on your sexual performance. It is also more fun to have a partner who is able to communicate coherently.
  • Anyone found using "date rape" drugs, or dealing any drugs will be reported to the police.
  • Easy on the alcohol - a drunk is not an attractive swinging partner, and will impair your performance.
  • No means No - if anyone says no when you ask, or attempt to join them, please respect them and retire. If you persist you will be asked to leave the club.
  • No pressure - do not try to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do - not even your own partner.
  • Open playroom doors - invitation to others to join them in the room
  • Closed playroom doors - please respect the privacy of people in the room - (closed doors are not a preferred action, as it reduces the amount of play areas for everyone).
  • Cameras and camera phones and recording devices of all descriptions are not allowed.This includes picture phones & video phones.These phones must be switched off & not used anywhere in the club, If you are seen with one you will be asked to leave.
  • Don't stand in the playrooms and talk, this is very off-putting for everyone - its ok to watch, preferred if you join in. If you want to talk to someone please go to the lounge or bar area's.
  • Be open minded - everyone is at the club for sex and fun with other people. If that is not what you want - please don't come. We all like different things, if someone is doing something you do not enjoy, do not watch.
  • No Scat or watersport games. We do not have the facilities for them, we do not appreciate cleaning facaes and/or urine from the beds or toilets.

For further information on good party behavior see the T-Girls Club Etiquette page

Quest T-Girls Club

The New Address is:

73a Low Road
LS10 1RH